Introduction t Digital Marketing Influences

The advent of digital technology has engulfed the world like a tsunami. Over a

comparatively short period of a couple of decades, it has made quantum changes in

practically every field of business and education. This short paper deals with the influences

digital marketing has had and continues to have on our daily lives. It deals with the changes

in our outlook and approach towards these affected areas.


Exploiting the potential thrown up by a vast social media community


How does one connect with buyers and customers? The natural course one would take is to

venture into the spaces frequented by their potential customers. According to estimates,

about three billion people use, or are exposed to, social media every day. This opens up a

vast playing ground for digital marketing players. The potential is so huge that there is space

for anyone who wants to showcase their product, service or brand and position it

strategically. It is an understatement to say that social media platforms are a marketing

boon. With more than half the world population frequenting social media platforms, this is

an obvious first choice to showcase their product and brand.


How do customers see the influence of digital marketing?


Just as it is a boon for marketers, social media platforms are welcome spaces for users and

customers who have the advantage of interacting directly with the people concerned

without hierarchy coming in the way.


Possibility of higher sales volumes


The outreach of social media is so vast that, with the right marketing strategy and approach,

a company’s sales volumes can grow exponentially. The possibility of “search” in social

media platforms is being used by customers to look for products and discuss on their

suitability and quality with others.


Customer service is better with digital penetration


The cutting of hierarchical hurdles makes it easier for customers to approach higher levels in

the organization with their grievances. Escalation is easier and, consequently, customer

service is better.


Equal Opportunities


Digital marketing on social media is available to anyone who wants to market and sell

products. Moreover, it provides a level playing field.


Cost advantage


The costs incurred in digital marketing campaigns are considerably lower than other forms

of marketing. This is obvious since material and manpower costs are controlled very well.


Digital marketing is here to stay!!