Entrepreneurship -Prism of Possibilities - Program launched by Monks learning lab with vision digital India

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Entrepreneurship -Prism of Possibilities - Program launched by Monks learning lab with vision digital India

Entrepreneurship -Prism of Possibilities - Program launched by Monks learning lab with vision digital India
  20 July, 2021   Dr. Preeti Adhav


 Monks- learning lab in collaboration with Vision Digital India has launched 30 hours of power pack self-paced program, “Entrepreneurship -Prism of Possibilities “designed by successful entrepreneurs from different industries. This course will equip the youths with virtual and analytical skills, that are plenty sought-after through the company sector. This course is made with the help of Monks Learning Lab. Monks Learning Lab is an organization that provides project management training for the youths of the country. They also provide training for international certification programs like ACP and PMP certification.


This course is for 30 hours with 2 credit points. The duration of the course is 30 weeks. This course is an amalgamation of important concepts related to Entrepreneurship with practical application from best practices and real life experiences of successful entrepreneurs.



Many bright younger minds nowadays do not get to live their goals of creating it big in the company world, virtually due to the fact there exists an immense divide among the training that has been imparted to them and industry requirements. The core problem is that the enterprise is upgrading itself at such a breakneck pace that most academic establishments can not maintain up. That is why the courses they provide have become dated and obsolete, and college students armed with such degrees discover themselves to be inadequately skilled to make the cut in a highly aggressive industry.



“This is what Vision Digital India had in mind when it created a course that is precisely tailored to meet the demands of the corporate world, and ensure that students are industry-ready. Through its endeavor, Vision Digital India is trying to make PM Narendra Modi’s flagship campaign Digital India is a resounding fulfillment and it is succinctly summed up in their motto ‘Enable Digital’,” said Dr Hari Krishna Maram, Chairman, Vision Digital India, on asking about this endeavor.


To flip aspirations into reality, Vision Digital India has integrated the area of interest technology into its course structure to make it enterprise-relevant. Employers don’t simply look into a candidate’s scorecard but what truly works in a student’s favor is how quickly he/she may be inducted into the workforce. And, this calls students for obtaining a higher knowledge of recent and superior technological concepts like data science, cloud and analytics, forming the spine of an enterprise.



What sets the course aside is the fact that Vision Digital India is bringing to the table top-notch training at extraordinarily low-priced prices. What adds to its USP is that it joined hands with the likes of Google, IBM, and Amazon, to the rope in their technical know-how. For example, the analytics certificates come from IBM and Google certifies the Digital Marketing course.

Monks Learning Lab is providing various Project Management course since 2020.  They also provide coaching for various certificates like ACP and PMP. They have mentors from various industries who have experiences of over 20 years. Recently, they have started providing online coaching. Monks have collaboration with various leading industries.


Moreover, Vision Digital India has secured the assistance of industry experts who recognize the actual world, the way it works, latest updates, and requirements, and what employers expect from employees. Who is better to instruct and educate students than the one's women and men who've been running in the company world?


But, how does it go approximately it? Vision Digital India methods faculties to put in force its course. As consistent with university regulations, the length of the course is ready at eighty hours. The bulk of it, around 60% is dedicated to hands-on education and the ultimate 40% is all approximately theories.

To know more about the program, download the brochure now at Entrepreneurship- Prism of Possibilities- Brochure

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