Are you looking for a way to amplify your career in healthcare with a passion to manage people and projects?? If you are from the healthcare industry and want to add value to your career, then Project management is your easiest solution. What is a project?? Anything that has a start and a finish is a Project. Project management in healthcare will facilitate the manager in monitoring and reporting the progress from start to finish throughout the process. A healthcare project manager oversees a large spectrum of projects in a healthcare organization.

The two most common words we often hear are "Project" and "Healthcare". Those who are involved in this are aware of how these are dependent on each other.

One of the many institutes like Project Management Institutue that sets standards in project management has certification and standards like Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) which is widely used by healthcare project management professionals to manage their projects.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is ranked amongst the top certifications. It is an application of skills, knowledge, tools, and technique to project activities to meet the project requirements. A manager with PMP certification earns at least 25% more than non-certified project management professional.

Project management is considered one of the most prominent business skills as it helps control cost, reduce risk, and improve outcomes. Once you are PMP certified it adds weightage to your resume, accelerates career, provides job security, and increases your earning potential.

When you think about healthcare, the only thing that comes in your mind is hospitals. But that is not it. Healthcare is a wide premise including pharmaceuticals, clinical research, bio logistics, medical equipment, health insurance, etc.

Given the present-day scenario, healthcare project management is in high demand. You can play an important role in healthcare without contacting the patient. A healthcare project manager keeps stakeholders engaged and makes necessary decisions to bring value to them. The projects can range from staffing, evaluating performance, social media updates to billing.

Benefits of project management in healthcare:

 Improved quality of care

 Improved staff productivity

 Improved planning

 Improved communication among the staff

 Improved relationships with stakeholders

Healthcare management is exactly as the name implies, management, and administration of healthcare services. Healthcare teams are generally diverse from both personal and professional backgrounds. Communication and soft skills like emotional intelligence, social, and cultural awareness are the keys to manage varied professionals. This becomes handy as it is taught in the project management curriculum.


Almost every industry needs a project manager to integrate diverse, dispersed, and virtual teams with precision. The stakes are extremely high in healthcare project management because healthcare organizations are more complex than any other organization governed by standards and regulations.

The following Interpersonal and Team Skills used in Project Management are also used in managing Healthcare projects.

 Active Listening

 Cultural awareness

 Leadership

 Networking

 Political and Cultural awareness

 Team Building

 Motivating

 Communicating

 Influencing

 Decision Making

 Negotiating

 Facilitating

 Managing Conflicts

The Healthcare industry is vast and ever-growing like a galaxy. It is rapidly gaining importance and dependency to benchmark any country for their healthy wellbeing. You do not have to be a physician to have high paying jobs in healthcare, but with the upcoming demand in project management careers in healthcare, you too will have a profitable and rewarding career. Healthcare jobs are some of the highest paying jobs with good career growth and global demand.

Applying the above skillsets and integrating project management in healthcare can lead to magnanimous success. A healthcare project manager can be an astounding asset to an organization. He/she can take the project to another level with their expertise and finish it with remarkable results delivering benefits.