How to craft a brand identity that sets you apart?

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How to craft a brand identity that sets you apart?

How to craft a brand identity that sets you apart?
  12 January, 2024   Dr. Preeti Adhav

There’s a running gag on social media that Apple relaunches the same model over and over again with minor modifications and people are so gullible that they will line up in front of the store for hours to buy the same phone they already possess, just in a new colour. Android enthusiasts routinely charge iPhone fanatics with brand loyalty, accusing them of being blind to Android’s popularity and superior performance. The iPhone vs Android debate is an enduring one. While we cannot pass judgment on which of them is superior according to features and performance, we can accept the fact that Android is more popular, holding a market share of around 70% globally. Apple which had once revolutionised the world of technology has now been overshadowed by Android phones like Samsung, Google, and Nokia which are now putting out revolutionary products that are redefining consumer expectations. However, iPhone users will not be swayed. Such is the strength of brand loyalty.

Apple's ascent from a garage-born tech start-up to a global phenomenon is a testament to the potency of brand identity. From its sleek, minimalist product designs to its visionary marketing campaigns, Apple fused innovation, elegance, and simplicity into its brand DNA. However, it is more than just a cutting-edge technology. Oh no. Owning an Apple product transcends mere functionality; it's a statement of style and prestige. The iconic half-eaten Apple logo has become synonymous with luxury and sophistication, creating a culture where having the latest iPhone or MacBook signals a certain social status and belonging to a select group of trendsetters. The aura surrounding Apple products has elevated them beyond the realm of technology into lifestyle, solidifying their position as status symbols in the modern world.

Understanding the significance of crafting a strong brand identity becomes evident in the success of any business. Simply creating and launching your product will not suffice; a product alone cannot guarantee sales in today's saturated market. To thrive, your product must distinguish itself amidst fierce competition, necessitating a compelling and distinctive brand identity. A robust brand identity fosters trust, and loyalty in an overcrowded marketplace as seen in the case of Apple.

Building brand identity is a demanding task. It’s more than a colourful logo or a catchy tagline. A brand identity should leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers and that is no easy task to accomplish. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were brand identities of brands with enduring reputations. Building a brand identity necessitates a carefully designed strategy which we will break down below.

Identify Your Brand's Core Values

At the heart of every successful brand lies a set of core values that resonate with their target audience. Consider our very own Amul. The brand inspires a feeling of pride in national identity along with confidence in the quality of its products. Amul is safe, Amul is nourishing for our country and its people. The brand's success is deeply intertwined with the social responsibilities it undertakes.

Identify Your Consumers

Understanding your target audience deeply goes beyond surface-level data. It's about comprehending the emotional nuances that drive their decisions. Such nuanced understanding will allow for marketing that resonates with their deepest desires, fostering connections that go beyond transactions.

Research Your Competitors

An over-saturated market necessitates a distinct identity. Circling back to the case of Apple, the market is overrun with smartphones. Yet Apple’s hold on the public has not lessened one bit. They have done what you are advised to do- research your competitors. By analyzing them you can gain a deeper understanding of what sets your brand apart and identify opportunities for differentiation. Studying their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses will allow you to refine your own approach, innovate, and market your brand more effectively.

Craft Your Brand Story

One of the surest to get consumers to care for your brand is to craft a brand story that resonates with them. A brand story is meant to help people connect with brands on a personal level and form a bond that can transcend the business aspect of it. Fenty Beauty's brand narrative was driven by Rihanna's vision to revolutionize the makeup industry by ensuring inclusivity across all skin tones. Her story resonated with women and makeup enthusiasts all over the world. They felt seen.

Leave it to the Professionals

Logos and taglines form the very core of your brand, triggering instant recognition and fortifying emotional ties with consumers across various channels. If you're not an art director, entrusting the creation of these crucial elements to skilled graphic designers and marketing experts is advisable. Their expertise ensures the development of a logo and tagline, should your brand require it, that not only leaves a lasting impression but also effectively communicates the essence and values of your brand. This collaborative effort helps in crafting a visual and verbal identity that resonates powerfully with your audience, reinforcing brand identity and fostering deeper connections.