“Success always follows those who are capable”. In the same case, Agile mindset aims to improve the capabilities of a team like mindsets, behavior, and skills to deliver a successful project within estimated deadline with respect to resource capacity. An agile mindset is a set of attitudes like respect, collaboration, experiments, improvements, ownership, delivery to satisfy customers and adapting to change. Agile mindset gives the flexibility to experiment out in numerous ways according to changing situation with primary goal to achieve customer satisfaction of delivering projects within the deadline.

There are 12 agile principles made to increase the efficiency of the team and deliver the project within the deadline without any bugs and to work constantly for new requirements and uncertain changes for customer satisfaction with good technical excellence.

Following are the 12 agile principles-

Early and Continuous Delivery-

In this competitive market customer satisfaction is very much important. Similarly, agile focuses on customer demands and their necessities. It is required to deliver the project early because every customer expects fast delivery within given deadline. Moreover, new requirements are expected by customers with respect to convenience of end user convenience and those are expected to be delivered continuously as per agile model. So early and continuous deliver is must for customer satisfaction.

Including Changes-

A project even after completion may undergo the changes and those are unpredicted. These changes may be with respect to uncertainty involved or for end user convenience which are required to be done. It becomes very necessary to do required changes expected by customers in order to sustain in competitive marketing.

Frequent Delivery-

No project can guarantee the complete fulfillment of customer needs. Some or few requirements are never met in one particular project. So agile states that new version of that project should be release on basis on two months. Idea stands of fulfilling the shortcomings of a particular into new version.

Business and Developers Together-

In many businesses it so happens that developers are not directly interacted with business team. In short, business team doesn’t directly communicate or explain the flow of case study to developers. So to remove this gap in communication an agile state that business team and developer’s team should coordinate and work together. These will remove the barrier of both teams to understand work of each other and will lead to faster work within deadline.

Motivated Individuals-

Agile states that team of motivated individuals should be built for project completion. The required resource and training should be provided to those individuals and they should also be trusted to give out their best of them. Team members should also be motivated so they would work with full dedication to complete their task within given deadlines.

Face-to-Face Conversation-

Even though the technology is developing more mediums of communication still face to face communication stands the better option for clear understanding of communication. Because while speaking on devices like mobile phones or using Skype can lead to range issue or any miscommunications. Even on email or message chat spelling mistakes would change the meaning of sentence. Face to face communication is interactive and lot of things could be made cleared through actions and expression while talking.

Working Software-

Working software product is major matrix to measure the success of a project.  If all planning , business case study are excellently done but it doesn’t  make any sense if they are not proper executed in terms of working software application. If right efforts are not put into the project for its effective working then it would not be worth for customers. So working software is the conclusion of successful projects.

Sustainable development-

Software projects should be constantly developed by team for a longer period of time. There should be no refusal of work if it comes anytime. The development should be error free reducing bugs. Agile takes the leadership by saying yes to all development work and even it can overload developer’s team.

Technical Excellence-

To develop any software technical skills are required. So project manager makes a team of well skilled developers, testers, technical writer and designers. Technically the software is expected to run proper without any bugs. Technical team should have curiosity to learn new technologies and they are expected to be updated with all new updates.


It involves removing of unnecessary steps from work cycle. Every possible thing is done to maximize the work. Complex task are made simple or eliminated for convenience. Some manual task are been automated to ease the process and reduce burden on time. So agile saves time, money and manual efforts to get done delivery within estimated deadlines.



Self-Organizing Teams-

Agile expects developer’s team and management business team to work together. So if technically good software is major matrix to measure success then self-organization is been expected from all team members to save time from controlling team from project manager. Each team members should be able to understand their own duties and responsibilities for betterment of process.

Regular Reflection and Adjustment-

Finally from all the above principles, the team learns to work according to it. Team members might face challenges but they need to settle by doing adjustments. It team wants to sustain then they need to adapt. No team is perfect but they are expected to be improved by self-organization to deliver the project on time.

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