Project Management for the manufacturing industry allows the project manager to stay flexible and dynamic throughout the project thus streamlining the process and eliminating wastage. The manufacturing industry is gearing towards innovation, efficient production, and output, adapting to the product demand, and making available the right resources at the right time within the premise of contracts and agreements is the base of project management.

The manufacturing industry has its difficulties and challenges with the main pain points is managing the time, scope, quality, and cost. Manufacturing project managers can gain enough knowledge from PMP training that will result in easy tracking of the project, effective utilization of the tools, improved risk management strategies, and increased team flexibility.

The PMI, USA reports that the organizations involved in manufacturing loose about an average of 9.9% globally due to poor project performance. Hence by integrating project management into the manufacturing industry we can not only improve the performance but also the quality of the project to deliver the best results.


PMP training for professionals from the manufacturing industry utilizes knowledge, tools, and processes to manage the teams that are involved in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling and closing the project. The Core Knowledge areas are:

  1. Project Integration Management:  For effective co-ordination between various project elements
  2. Project Scope Management : To ensure only the required work is included
  3. Project Schedule ManagementTo manage the project duration and milestones
  4. Project Cost ManagementTo identify the resources and keep the budget under control
  5. Project Quality Management : To ensure that all the Quality requirements are met
  6. Project Human Resource ManagementTo develop and employ the project professional effectively and keep them motivated
  7. Project Communication ManagementTo manage internal and external communications with efficiency
  8. Project Risk Management : To identify, analyse, and mitigate the potential risk
  9. Project Procurement ManagementTo obtain resources and manage contracts
  10. Project Stakeholder ManagementTo identify individual, people, groups and organizations that would impact or are impacted by the project





User Avatar Dr. Preeti Adhav

Dr. Preeti has over 20 years of professional experience and is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore. She is a PMP and ACP certified professional from Project Management Institute, USA, Vice President : India- South Korea Business Council WICCI. Dr Preeti is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding Monks- Learning Lab she has been the co-founder of Usha Diagnostics, a state of art Medical Imaging center at Mumbai, India.  She has varied and rich experience in Learning and Development and is a trainer affiliated with MSME  (Ministry of Small and  Medium Enterprises- Govt of India)  & IIM Bangalore. 

User Avatar Alan L Krishnan

Alan L. Krishnan is currently Organizational Growth and Strategy Adviser to several enterprises. With rich experience of 40+ Years he has worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America growing enterprises with domestic and international operations. Expert at developing and managing Major Medical Insurance plans to optimize resources, and successful negotiation of compensation & incentive plans. Expert at Domestic and International operations, managing operations, starting new branches, and working in multiple time zones.  Currently on the Board of several commercial and not for profit organizations.