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NGOs are organizations be it large or small, work towards the betterment of the society. To name a few causes there is the eradication of poverty, managing diseases, hunger issues, help during natural calamities and war, delivering education, providing shelter not just to humans but to animals as well. With Project Management for NGOs these projects which require integration of manpower globally along with managing the funds can be dealt systematically.

The most essential requirement for an NGO is to clearly define the project scope to ensure that only the work which is associated with the project is carried out within the budget. NGOs through project management can maximize their resources, increase flexibility among the team members, and maintain transparency among the diverse stakeholders.

Project management provides an enormous advantage to the NGOs as there is enhanced professionalism and good quality project delivery with effective communication and risk mitigation. Through PMP training an NGO project manager will understand that the success of any project depends on schedule, budget, performance, and acceptance. Acceptance is a long-term goal to make the project sustainable.

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PMP training can prove to be an asset for the NGOs as it helps in assessing the framework, analyzing the proposals, managing varied and geographically dispersed teams, and understanding the main objective of the project through the ten knowledge areas. The Core Knowledge areas are:

  1. Project Integration Management:  For effective co-ordination between various project elements
  2. Project Scope Management : To ensure only the required work is included
  3. Project Schedule Management :  To manage the project duration and milestones
  4. Project Cost Management :  To identify the resources and keep the budget under control
  5. Project Quality Management : To ensure that all the Quality requirements are met
  6. Project Human Resource Management :  To develop and employ the project professional effectively and keep them motivated
  7. Project Communication Management :  To manage internal and external communications with efficiency
  8. Project Risk Management : To identify, analyse, and mitigate the potential risk
  9. Project Procurement Management :  To obtain resources and manage contracts
  10. Project Stakeholder Management :  To identify individual, people, groups and organizations that would impact or are impacted by the project

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  • Dr. Preeti Adhav
  • Dr. Preeti has over 24 years of professional experience and is an alumnus of IIM-Bangalore. She is a PMP and ACP certified professional from Project Management Institute, USA, President : India - Northern USA Bilateral Business Council WICCI. Dr Preeti is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding Monks- Learning Lab she has been the co-founder of Usha Diagnostics, a state of art Medical Imaging center at Mumbai, India. She has varied and rich experience in Learning and Development and is a trainer affiliated with MSME (Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises- Govt of India) & IIM Bangalore.

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