The Education Sector in all its glory has embarked upon Project Management so that there are fewer issues in newer approaches, methods, and practices in educational institutions, be it schools, colleges, or other academic institutes. Assimilation of knowledge and delivery is vital to Project Management in the realm of Education. The role of advocacy in its productive entirety is whole and soul to the Project Management Professional. Good Governance is a priority to the educational project manager. Gauging the scope statement and it’s translation into definitive work and boundaries laid so as to not accommodate hassles in the different spheres of work involves the discretion and focus of an educational project manager. How the project manager carves that niche is key.


Education has gone far and wide. Project Management in Education has explored the horizons beyond the periphery. Technology and its convergence for the creation or renewal of a product or service is another different ball game altogether. Let’s begin.

Project Management In Schools

Schools run on advocacy. Right from sponsors to the government to the team of teachers coordinating a common plan and purpose for different standards and different divisions, subject-wise and overall processes, the project managers like Head Of Department or a Teacher cum Syllabus Co-ordinator or a Principal or a hired administrator will convene meetings, brainstorm a committee of teachers, have directional collaborative in place to carry out Project Management in Education Sector or rather by a wide definition, Project Management in Education. Project Managers take into account all the aspects involved in teaching, counseling, meeting student and parent relationship problems, abiding by the different Boards of Education in the gamut such as International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), English as a Second Language (ESL), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the various State Boards, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), and more. So, technically speaking, schools don’t downplay project managers as they serve as the front end and backend together, central to the Charter and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Project Management In Higher Education

This is another arena where project managers are responsible for handling and managing education at various academic levels. They chalk out policies, rules, and regulations, roles, and responsibilities, etc. with regard to delegation of tasks and an educational institution’s ambassadorship typical to career development funding, examinations, and training at various levels of Academics and vocational Guidance. They assign team members to tackle academic programs at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels. Project Management in Higher Education rolls out an entire host of events and integrates Technology at its best. Right from colleges to institutions for postgraduate degrees to campus internships to career exhibitions to interview training and assessment centers to personality and technical coaching, project management in higher education has evolved and grown. The cross-generational gap is abridged and allayed too by the roles translated at work by project-based teams and management committees, much advanced by project managers contributing to their feat in designing international accreditation based courses with the keen fuelled adherences of team members and internal & external stakeholders.

Project Management For Teachers

A teacher’s job is a noble profession; however, if coupled with Project Management for Teachers, the role takes on a new tangent. Be it schools, colleges, and various other educational institutions preparing students for global and national qualifications, teachers are defined by their experience and people-oriented and task-oriented skills. Their profiles suitably consist in the nature of project managers. There are many learning paths like Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), Common Entrance Test (CET), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Common Admission Test (CAT), Indian Institute of Technology – Joint Entrance Exam (IIT-JEE), and so on. There is certification in Project Management too. Teachers can get PMP trained. PMP stands for Project Management Professional. It is a certification exam conducted by PMI(Project Management Institute). They then can work in Project Management in the Education Sector. The growth for Project Management in Education where teachers from any stream are involved is exponential.

Teachers can build their networks and land on projects competitively. They can launch projects for slow learners, for students with dyslexia, for students with dyspraxia, in counseling and personality assessment, in communities by introducing membership privileges, and so on. There is a ton of information on the World Wide Web, but I suggest also listening to YouTube on the scope for teachers in Project Management. I can keep citing examples such as teachers can take up time management training, training in regional subjects, career development, harnessing professional services like content for publications release, and the like, but only you can explore more. To give you a trick up my sleeve, check out our resources.


To conclude, stay on top of the game, read a lot, check with your network of friends, attend webinars, sign up for workshops, and a whole lot more is out there. I hope the content here has helped.