Top 10 Challenges in Project Management

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Top 10 Challenges in Project Management

Top 10 Challenges in Project Management
  02 June, 2020   Dr. Preeti Adhav

In this blog, we are going to talk about the top 10 Challenges that we usually face in Project Management.

Without wasting our time let's start with Project Management Challenges.

1. Understanding jargons

The first challenge that the Project managers can face is understanding the jargon of the project and the requirements of the customer or higher authority. Just accepting with little knowledge without taking a clear understanding will lead to conflicts. So Project managers should take a clear understanding of the project in and out. Project managers have to be updated with the Industry-specific or project-specific new terms used.


2. Accurate Estimation

Over Estimation I,e estimating more budget and time can lead to losing further projects and underestimation on budget and time duration can lead to bottleneck stress among the team and forcing to deliver an incomplete project or compromising with quality. A Project Manager should know to do a proper estimation.


3. Goal setting

Project managers should have a clear understanding of project goals and setting milestones and define the same to the team. This will make easier to establish a clear project plan and have the right tools to follow the progress path towards the goal.


4. Resource availability

There may be various types of ways to achieve goals. But Project managers should know how to work with the right and available resources. How to identify the right skill among team members and how to assign tasks to respective team members. What external training is required and what external tools would be required

for the completion of the project.


5. Prioritizing

There may be different tasks to be done to finish one single project. Project managers need to be able to prioritize the order of tasks to be done in order to accomplish the project goal. In case of projects more than once, a Project manager should know well advance on which project needs higher priority without compromising the relationship with potential customers Without causing any impact on other projects being handled.


6. Precise communication

Now that everything is understood, it is now important to communicate to the team about the project goals, making sure the team is clear about the project goal, Assigning the tasks to respective skilled team members. The project manager should know how to pull its team members in the same direction to accomplish the project goal by engaging every team member involved.


7. Coordination with Geographically dispersed teams

Once each person is assigned with respective tasks, Regular follow-ups and concise updates are the other major concern, as they may be working in different geographies or time zones. PM should be able to schedule things that are comfortable with its team members based on time zones.


8. Multitasking

Project managers may/will have projects more than one. The project manager should be smart enough to handle all the projects without compromising one project for others. Project managers should be well organized to handle all projects in an organized and smoother way.


9. Adaptable

Execution may not go in a rigid or stringent way as planned. There may be sudden changes in requirements due to various reasons. Project managers should be adaptable and flexible enough to accept changes as challenges and be prepared to handle in a much reliable way possible without any hiccups or panic.


10. Risk management

Certain places require you to use tools or technologies which you have not used before but will make the work faster and easier. In these cases know how to take risks and manage risks without causing any issues to the goal of the project and its quality.

All these to know by yourself will take a longer time causing hindrance to productivity in this challenging world. But work can be made easier if you are trained through industry experts who can train you to fill your gaps through their experience.