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Top 10 reasons to change a manger

Top 10 reasons to change a manger
  08 August, 2021   Dr. Preeti Adhav


“Change is necessity to bring improvement.” Change leadership can be defined as detection of change and working on it with solution to fix the issue by achieving desired target. In today’s era business are more prone to have rapid change in process than before creating necessity for lead change. Change is a result accepted by business as technology is developing and strategies are evolving in big competitive market. If there are certain changes in process but if those are not detected and solve at initial stage then it would create more complexity moving ahead.

There are some ways for lead change the manager should follow-

1. Detection-

It is very important to detect the need for change. It is the base for lead change as all other steps do depend on detection. The main reason why firm go for change management process in their overall workflow is that they want to successfully implement different methods and business strategies of change in their development processes which ultimately helps the organization to adapt to the change.

2. Vision-

The purpose for change should be clear. It is necessary to share the goals with team for the result which is required to be achieved by change. If vision is rightly placed then it becomes easy for team to work on the change with full dedication. It also necessary to check the feasibility of change whether it is possible to execute it to get final results. Goals are also divided into long term as well as short term goals.

3. Complexity-

While planning for change it is required to conclude about the factor complexity. It is required to make analysis about whether the current situation is complex or leading change can make it more complex. Multiple scenarios should be tested and conclusions should be predicted. When time, energy, and resources are spent on activities and interactions that don’t create value, complexity starts to damage a company’s performance. Things should be tried to maintain simple to reduce complexity.

4. Time-

When it comes to change it should be also studied that it should not take more time. If it takes more time to execute and test the change then it’s a possibility the execution will never meet deadline. There is no use of change if the execution cause delay in the process. So the severity of the change should be checked with respect to time. In one survey, less than 50 percent of companies said they complete projects on schedule. Setting realistic goals with team efforts in direction for lead change can avoid delays.

5. Budget-

When it comes to budget there cannot be any compromise. Major factor other than time is budget. Every team takes care about price value of process that it should never go beyond the budget. If estimated value increases beyond the budget that change proves no worth for its execution. So along with the time it is also very important to check budget before planning and executing the change.

6. Team role-

Other factor apart from time and budget is resource allocation. Resource involved for the change should have clear vision and should be aware about the agenda for change. Moreover, the team members should be given the role based on their strength, experience, skills and also knowing about their weakness. The team should also be dedicated towards their work and task. The team should try to achieve the targets within the deadline.

7. Motivation-

For the change which involves difficulties with respect to time, budget and resources. It is very important to boost the team to create atmosphere full of motivation at workplace. The manager should communicate with his team and try to provide them with best of the solution. This will help the team to give their 100% efforts to complete the target. It is also been seen and observed that firms having motivated teams give good results.

8. Problem solving-

If the system faces any problem to execute a required change then the manager should schedule a meeting with team for problem solving session. If one team member gets stuck in task then entire team in meeting along with the manager try for brainstorming sessions which saves time of the individual and gets multiple solutions for a problem. Moreover, the team also gains experience to deal with the issues faced. 

9. Implementing decisions-

It is also important to choose business strategies, technologies, problem solutions and take right decisions. Choosing best option is more difficult as it requires more predictions and testing in different situations. The decisions should be taken in a way that every member agrees upon a common opinion. Then the decisions at last should be implemented with proper execution process. Even after implementation continuous monitoring is also essential.

10. Monitor-

The change implemented requires monitoring till the process ends successfully. Many a times risk is involved which should be handled by continuous monitoring. For execution of required changes there are the chances of getting more uncertain changes. Those changes are required to be managed in less possible time. So monitoring the system after implementing change is very important.


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