“There is no bright future without proper management”. Today India is in race of leading countries for growth of industrialization. In upcoming era industrialization and technology will proceed with hand by hand. India also has vast increase in technology. Information technology is proving very beneficial in all aspects for all type of industries. Every organization aims project to deliver successful product or to provide best service. So there is emerging scope for project management in India. Surely, these would benefit industrialization in India from all aspects. Due to these there would be increase in more upcoming opportunities for professionals in industries.


Today in India there are top thirteen project management certifications as per 2020 to 2021-


 1. BVOP: Certified Project Manager-

BVOP helps firm in organizing people along with management. It increases productivity removing the waste and also motivates people. BNOP not only helps candidates to gain certificate but also boost them into best leading professionals required for project management.


 2. PMP: Project Management Professional-

 PMP shapes the profiles of management professionals. PMP provides all possible skills and techniques which states that candidate is having potential of being best professional. Not only project manager but PMP certification is important for all management professionals.


3. CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management-

CAPM is basic certification for professionals to enter project management.


4. CSM: Certified Scrum Master-

CSM is essential for professionals who start practicing scrums with respect to project management methodology. The role of CSM is to make a professional into scrum master who help the self-organizing, self-managing team members to reach their goals


5. CompTIA Project+ certification-

In computing Technology Industry Association the professionals certified are responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology. CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth through its educational programs, research, and networking.


6. PRINCE2 certification-

Prince2 methodology improves the project management skills helping upcoming project managers. The levels of Prince2 certification are foundation, production, practitioner and agile.

7. CPMP: Certified Project Management Practitioner-

CPMP is favorable for professionals who wish to excel in improving their marketing competencies during project management. It involves best practices and techniques for sales with advance strategies. This certification is good for professionals to work in environment or sustain in competitive marketing.


8. Associate in Project Management-

Associate in Project Management is course for entry level practitioners, as well as anyone who has an expressed interest in a project management as a career or else wants to improve their effectiveness in project management environment. This course is also recommended for candidates who are already working in project management or have its better knowledge and willing to have official certification.


9. MPM: Master Project Manager-

MPM actually makes professionals equip with skills like management with respect to time in terms of project delivery. MPM also skill's the professional to make use of modern new technology. It is also beneficial for understanding of Ethics and Ethical Roles of the Project Manager.


10. PPM: Project Portfolio Management-

Organizations use PPM specially to identify the potential returns with respect to project. It also helps the firm to invest for new projects taking risk management into consideration and also concluding final solution for the same. It also has scope for be effective planning, monitoring and reviewing.


11. PMITS: Project Management in IT Security-

Today IT is required for all organizations and firm for automation of process. But if IT is integrated with the system then also comes ahead the threat of Security. So PMITS certification is required for professionals working with IT security.


12. Certified Project Director-

The professionals who want to do something more than PPM then Certified Project Director is a best option. The managers who are willing to go ahead for designation of director are recommended to apply for Certified Project Director.


13. CPM: Certified Project Manager (IAPM)-

The CPM certification differs from a usual educational or methodology as it is based upon global best practices that have been determined by analysis of actual practitioners in the field, and so continue to evolve with the profession.



As the industrialization goes on increasing there are some factors responsible for future of project management in India.


Following are some factors for project management in India-

1. Challenges-

Project management proves very essential to current project development system. But still there will be challenges in terms of budget, cost, resource utilization, graphs and deadlines creating challenges in future. These challenges will expect change in project management system to make it better with more advances.



2. Automation-

Emerging Artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact the project management to make it easier by automating the system. It will also help management professionals with steps of project management phases.


3. Reduce time-

As per increase in automation will reduce time and help the professionals to meet deadlines of projects. This will help the project management process in terms of delivery.


4. Technology integration-

New technology with respect to each and every aspect like IT, transport, methodology, etc will help make project management better. Those technologies would be required to be integrated into project management.


5. Reduce cost-

Due to automation, reduce in time and new technologies there will be reduction in cost for project development. These will reduce the estimation cost of project compare to fixed budget of project.


Project management as today will be essential in upcoming future and it would expect more knowledge with respect to every essential changes. Project manager plays important role in project management and would be required to PMP certified with well-equipped skills. It is also recommended to take the advantage of this course of PMP training for the industry professionals. Monks Learning Lab is offering the best course for of PMP training to develop the best management professionals for industries. Monks Learning Lab is also well equipped with real industry experts providing  their experience along with training to develop the skills in candidates. Surely it will turn candidates into best project management professional in future.