If you are in the Banking sector and are looking for invincible improvement in the work profile, PMP training is for you. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholders needs and expectations.

Banking sector holds a lot of projects and responsibilities, management of which will add immensely to your and the company's growth. As a banking executive, you must already be aware of all the projects that are carried out in the bank. Processes running in the front office and back office such as custody, securities, payments, cashflow, stock lending, working capital funding, risk management, etc. It is therefore important for banking personnel to be well versed with the principles and basics of Project Management. PMP certification will help you develop the management skills required to manage projects in the Banking sector. With our highly skilled mentors, you will be able to explore the adversities faced while managing projects in the banking field. Thorough knowledge and developed skillset will help you not only clear the hurdles swiftly but also to ace its management. Our course brings to you the required foundation to further expand your expertise into the following sectors:

• Audits/Inspections:

This is essential to be managed because it directly impacts an integral part of the bank-the customers. Frequent visits and inspections can help improve the condition and facility of a particular branch.

Call centres:

This is fundamentally important as it serves as the basis of customer care and support. Maintaining its functionality holds an important place to run any firm. Hence it’s management becomes important. Training staff and maintaining the telecommunication services comes under this.

Database Management:

In the world of internet banking essentially a lot has become databased and this is the department that takes care of its management. ATM cards, customer registrations, net banking etc. are all included in this.

New Branch setup:

Development of a new branch or renewal of old one comes under this category. Designing, building, equipping and staff training falls under this category. PMP training benefits simplified:

Builds confidence:

With the amount of practical exposure and training the course provides, one gains confidence. You will develop the skill to identify risks and fight adversities in any project. This will give you the confidence you need to scale up.

Improves efficiency:

PMP and CAMP courses include the assessment of resources and its efficient use. It also teaches how to accurately budget and schedule to make the best out of a project.

Brings a fresh perspective:

Our course is not just about learning a new skill, it is also about picking the old assets and refining it. The candidate gets a fresh perspective when exploring and learning new things. You would agree on this too, won’t you?

 Gives customer satisfaction:

At the end of the day, it is about your customer after all. If they go satisfied, they will not just return happy but also bring back more customers to you. Customer satisfaction comes with the right delivery of projects in budgeted amounts. And you as a PMP certified candidate will do that just right.

 Behavioural changes:

This certification will give you an extra edge. With that said you will be imbibed with responsibilities to influence people, resolve conflicts and be humble. We hope for such a positive impact on all our candidates.


Elevate your skills and build a solid foundation in Project management with our PMP and CAMP courses. Get onboard and enroll now with Monks Learning Lab to get your US-based PMP certification. You run the world you want to live in! And the time is right now!